Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stomach Has Spoken

Most of you know that my stomach has been killing me lately. I've tried removing crap from my diet. Just eating rice. All kinds of stuff ... and nothing really seems to help or work. I was worried I was allergic to dairy, then soy, and maybe wheat.

The results of my allergy scratch test are in though. I'm NOT allergic to soy, wheat, cats, MSG, garlic, or dairy.

Given that my favorite food is mac and cheese I was VERY happy about the dairy bit.

Now ... what am I allergic to. EGG, PEANUTS .... and the FREAKING KILLER ... CHOCOLATE!

Can you believe it. Who in the hell is allergic to chocolate? The answer ... me.

Now that more of my crappy stomach stuff has been sorted out ... I'll get back to posting about my irritation with the world, my lovely house photos and maybe a cat shot or two.

1 comment:

Ed said...

I thought you already knew about chocolate, almost two years ago?

No matter. I'm really happy for you: happy that it's not milk or soy, happy that you know. Let's do Alfredo.