Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Bend

Bend has been vomiting for the past week or so. Maybe a bit longer. He ate something funny and we've changed the cats to a hairball dry food. I took him in to the vet yesterday and they said that he was blocked with poo. The poor guy has been vomiting because there is no other way for stuff to come out. He went from 11.5 pounds down to 10.2. And was SUPER dehydrated. They gave him a cat enema and sent him home. He has now been pooing a lot and is really not feeling too good. Avivah was saying that her kitty was happy to have it done. Bend ... is not. He is super sad. He slept wrapped in my arms all night and would wake up crying. I feel so bad for the little guy. I think I'm going to spend the weekend keeping a very close eye on him.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Endangered Species Act

There are a lot of things that the government has tried to "save the planet". Or even just to do their part in the saving. A lot of the stuff I think is total and complete crap that someone came up with just to say they are green. When really they know nothing of being green. This morning, while listening to NPR I heard that the bald eagle is coming off the endangered species list. This is wonderful news. It shows that if you protect things and stop acting like asses ... it is possible for once nearly extinct animals to survive. What a great thing to have announced before the 4th of July!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Organizing Ones Life

I currently have a number of projects that are partially done. And I don't sleep well at night sometimes because of it. As when I was a child and had to organize my stuffed animals to make sure that they each got a fair share of sleeping with me (yes ... I had a list of names and nights to sleep with each animal), I feel that my life needs a bit more organization. For some this would be over the top anal. For me ... it just feels right.

Yesterday I sorted yarn and some closet stuff. I've noticed I have a lot of crap ... which needs to be cleaned. This week I fully intend to organize and clean like a little machine.

On another note, I've started reading The Time Machine. It is a sci-fi classic I guess ... but the real reason I picked it off the shelve was the size. It is a very short novel and I want to be ready when my new Harry Potter book shows up. During the last Harry Potter everyone was talking about it and giving crap away ... and I was still finishing up my current novel. Not this time! I'll be ready.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beam Me Up

I just found a great job ad. I wonder if you stay for this study if they will put you in the list for the trip to Mars? I wonder if by the time they go to Mars if the people in this study would be too old?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather Man

Watched The Weather Man last night. It is a dark comedy that sort of leaves you wonder WTF. The best part of the film is about camel toes though. A young girl is called camel toe by her peers and her father (Nicholas Cage) is trying to see if she knows what they are saying. When asked what she thinks the name camel toe means the little girl says ... as closely as I can remember, "They call me camel toe because camel toes are tough and strong and can withstand the heat of the desert. I'm tough and strong." Classic I tell you! The movie is worth watching for this!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Birthday Weekend

We had a very large push this weekend to finish as much of the bathroom as possible. Mike will be on travel for a large portion of the summer - and getting the bathroom in working order has been driving us both nuts.

Here are some photos. First there is my birthday cake. Oh it was very nice!

Then there are bathroom photos. We finished the shower bottom, tiled the rest of the floor, grout. Then of course you can see the bathroom in more of a working order. Toilet is now working and the sinks are now working. THANK GOODNESS!

The last photo if of Moab and her thoughts on the new bathroom. She has been crawling around non-stop!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

32 & Kicking

Today is my glorious birthday. It has been great thus far and I can't wait to go home and scan in some of the cards people have given me. I'm thinking about working 1/2 a day and then sitting by the pond in town and knitting. Then hooking up with the girls for a bit of Knit and Bitch tonight. For dinner .... mac and cheese (of course). With a bit of cake I think. Not sure yet.

More on the exciting life of POTKU to come!