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Recipe Review #8

We have tried a handful of new recipes.  These are a few of our new favorites!  I use Pinterest to save links to recipes and then I move them to a new folder once I test them out.  The first is a frozen blueberry scone recipe.  Super simple, not too sweet and delicious! 
Might Not Look Delicious - But IS!

This is a simple sugar cookie where I used a dinosaur to step into them and put sprinkles on them.  Zooey loves them.

These are sweet cinnamon sugar roasted almonds.  More simple than you would think and the perfect afternoon snack.  I made a big batch of just almonds and then took them into work.  The recipe says to mix up the nuts (which you could try) but I like just almonds.


I didn't take a photo of these but we made these stuffed shells Mexican style.  I use faux meat and served it with cabbage and tomatoes on top.  Something we have now made a number of times.  It also freezes and serves up after perfect!

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We spent the weekend in Austin at a motorcycle race.  It was super fun and here are some of my favorite photos!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Green in a Gray World - 10 Simple Things That Work For Me!

I have posted before about "going green".  What it means for me and how you do it in our current age.  I read up on what people are doing in local environments.  Only buying local.  Slow food movements.  Self sustaining homesteads.   There is a lot out there on what people do, believe and advocate for.  I have found one simple rule for me.  I find what is easy, makes a difference and is habit forming.  If you make things too hard you wont follow through.  You wont keep doing it and your long term difference will be less.  Here are things I do to make my impact on the Earth less.

The basics: Never leave water running unless I have to (learned this as a kid from Sesame Street). Reusable grocery bags (I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet knows this).   Napkins/Paper towels - I try to avoid them and use stuff that can be washed instead.

My simple tricks:
1. Slop bucket (compost).  I have a bucket for all left over food on the side of the house.  I feed it to our chickens or put it in the compost.  It takes seconds to put left over Zooey breakfast or dinner or whatever in a bucket.

2. Bottled water bother the crap out of me.  People buy so much bottled water as if water out of a tap or fountain is poison.  The number of plastic bottles I see flying through the air or on the side of the road is amazing.  Ever watch at an airport as people buy bottled water after bottled water and then toss the empties in the trash.  I always travel with my own water bottle.  If I'm in the car are flying you can bet I have a bottle that is empty that gets filled with local water.  I also carry a collapsible cup in my purse for when I'm not traveling - but just out and about (it is a cool vintage one from the 70's).  I have only bought 2 bottles of water in 2013 and I hope to not buy a single one this year!

3. I carry a collapsible grocery bag in my purse and one in the kiddo's stroller.  I feel like I should never have to get plastic or paper.

4. My washing machine has something like 10 settings.  One of them is super sterilize (which I used when the kiddo had a stomach bug).  This setting takes 2.5 hours to run and uses more water than you can image.  During normal laundry washing I only use the eco setting which is faster and doesn't use as much hot water.  Are my clothes less clean?  I don't think so.

5. I buy my shampoo and condition out of bulk pump containers from the local co-op.  I use old shampoo containers in the bathroom (so of course the label is wrong - but who cares)?

6. I create a shopping list for Sunday mornings and we do the weeks shopping (menu is up on the calender in the kitchen).  We use less gas, spend less money on crap we don't need and eat better.

7. Cancelled my news paper subscription.  We read almost everything online these days and it was a waste. 

8. Never drive around looking for parking spots.  I am the person that will park in the next zip code and just walk.  I do not circle parking lots looking for closer and closer spots.  What a waste of gas, time, and energy.  Just walk!

9. We never have more than one thing going.  If the tv is on - the computer isn't.  If the computer is on - the radio isn't.  If the radios on ... well we dance.  This gets broken often because of the TV in the garage that my husband leaves on - but in general it works.

10.  If I can't buy local veggies and fruit (for whatever reason) - I look at the labels and pick stuff that was grown as close as possible.  If my choice is California or Argentina - I pick California. 

Do you have simple things that work for you?

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Watch Wednesday

It has been a while.  But, I love the Scissor Sisters and this is a great version of one of their songs!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life ...

I haven't been blogging much lately.  Life seems to be moving fast and furious.  Zooey is talking up a storm and she keeps us all entertained.  It has been 60 degrees so I've started working on the garden.  Summer will be here in no time!

Garden before cleaning out!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Recipe Review #7

These muffins are incredible!!!

I used cranberries - because I had no raisins.  Zooey calls them num nums.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 in Review

Books I read:
The Sea of Monsters Book 2
Karma Girl
What She wants at Midnight
The Lightning Thief
The Brass Bed
Agatha H. and the Airship City
Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson Book 7)
Rendezvous with Rama 
Books I started and couldn't even finish:
Second Helpings
King Solomon's Mines
The Arrival
Sloppy Firsts

Book I listened to:
Fire Me Up
You Slay Me
Steel's Edge
Fate's Edge
Bayou Moon
On the Edge
The Cabinet of Curiositues
It's All Greek to Me
Magic Rises
A Dirty Job
Magic Slays
Magic Bleeds
Magic Strikes
Magic Burns
Magic Bites
Island of the Sequiced Love Nuns
Deep Storm
At Home

I ran/biked/walked - 509 miles
I spun 2466 yards of roving into yarn
I knit 17,991 yards worth of yarn

I finished:
1 skirt for me
2 sweaters for me
1 baby quilt
1 dress for me
1 dress for Zooey
3 knit stuffed animals
1 King quilt
1 chair for stuffed animals
2 shawls
1 t-shirt for Zooey
1 sweater for Zooey
1 hat for Zooey
1 rug for Zooey
2 scarfs and 1 pair of mittens

Over all 2013 was busy, fun and in general really amazing!