Tuesday, May 30, 2006

West Virginia

This past weekend we went to West Virginia for Kevin and Lee's wedding. I've never been to West Virginia before. It was beautiful. Rolling hills, green everywhere, and old incredible buildings.

I found a cool snake - who was outside the troll bridge and house (we didn't actually go into the troll house, it was pretty scary).

Kevin and Lee's cake was amazingly beautiful. The service was sweet and the church was amazing. Mike and I had a great time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer Birds

A mommy bird and her 3 babies have taken up in the front of our house. They are ADORABLE. Other than the mom zooming around your head if you get too close. Mike got some great photos of her feeding the babies.

On another note. We are leaving this Thursday for Kevin's wedding. The very first time I will have been to Virginia. Courtney has arrived. We're excited to see how the summer goes. And I've decided my new favorite word is canopic.

Also for all those game fans out there - who of course love crafts - Mouser sent me this katamari site. I'm so making one.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knitted Top - Do you hate it?

This morning I put on my coral top (just finished), that Mike says looks like something Bjork would wear. I was worried that Mike would make some comment this morning. Possibly about how terrible it looks. But instead I get a sideways head cocking and, "Wow. That top goes really well with that skirt. Looks nice."

Amazing. I'm going to have to knit like 100 more of them now!

Next I am thinking I might down a puffy brown sweater for Moab to wear. I'm hoping it makes her look like a little monkey!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Can You Kill?

One of my biggest pit falls as a gardener is my lack of desire to kill things. Right now my vegetable garden is just starting to take off and there are loads of weeds and random veggies from years long ago, that are popping up. I have to tell me self that it is for the good of all man kind that I kill these rogue veggies. I can't stand it though. Really bothers me.

Today I harvested radishes for dinner. They are all getting so big that I may have to pull a bunch more tonight. Anyone need any?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Irony and Vehicles

While driving home from yoga today the picture of irony was as clear as I've ever seen it. The animal control truck is traveling down the road slowly (no doubt looking for dogs and cats to collect and take to the pound), when a leashed puppy out for a walk drags its owner towards the road, eeking every inch out of the leash in an attempt to eat the tires of the truck. Oh the irony of it!

On another note: My favorite author, Christopher Moore, in his latest book, A Dirty Job, has created the most amazing description of any vehicle I've ever read. May I please quote Mr. Moore?

"The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was the perfect show-off of death machines. It consisted of nearly three tons of steel stamped into a massively mawed, high-tailed beast, lined with enough chrome to build a Terminator and still have parts left over - most of it in long, sharp strips that peeled off on impact and became lethal scythes to flay away pedestrian flesh. Under the four headlights it sported two chrome bumper bullets that looked like unexploded torpedoes or triple-G-cup Madonna death boobs. It had a noncollapsible steering column that would impale the driver upon any serious impact, electric windows that could pinch off a kid's head, no seat belts, and a 325 horsepower V8 with such appallingly bad fuel efficiency that you could hear it trying to slurp liquefied dinosaurs out of the ground when it passed. It had a top speed of a hundred and ten miles an hour, mushy, bargelike suspension that could in no way stabilize the car at that speed, and undersized power brakes that wouldn't stop it either. The fins jutting from the back were so high and sharp that the car was a lethal threat to pedestrians even when parked, and the whole package sat on tall, whitewall tires that looked, and generally handled, like over sized powdered doughnuts. Detroit couldn't have achieved more deadly finned ostentatia if they'd covered a killer whale in rhinestones. It was a masterpiece."

Man I love his writing. Makes me feel like I need the Detroit Death Cadillac.

Going No Where

The latest is that the bike is still broken, we are not going out to the track day in Alabama, and now we have to find some way to ship the bike to Michigan. On the up side, I wont be taking any vacation days. On the down side, i wont be taking any vacation days.

Sunday was what we like to call, "A very home productive day." Mike finished the screening on the enclosed porch. We moved a bird house (I had no idea that you could actually do this, but I read on line that it is possible ... if the house isn't moved to far ... so we tried it).

So far Moab has tried to climb up the screens (to eat the birds) TWICE. Mike is running home at lunch today to check on them. Hopefully this screen holds up better than the last.

I've also started another blog. Reviewing all things knitting related - come check it out.

Thanks to everyone for the support over this whole motorcycle ordeal!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Possibly Worse?

Yes. It can always get worse. We were just thinking that the cycle wouldn't be done in time for the races this weekend. And worse the Alabama event. But, no. Yesterday while working on the bike the engine stopped working and is sort of ..... well not sort of ... it is DEAD. Mind you, this is the engine that we just had built by Section 8. Paid an arm and a leg for it. Had 2 day shipping on it. And now nothing works. Mike is handling it pretty well. We are just now trying to figure out how in the world to get the bike fixed.

On a good note, I got my craft room organized yesterday and got some knitting done. Yes Mouser - knitting.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

ABQ "Is the bike ready?"

A photo is worth a billion words right? I guess the answer is no. The bike is not ready. We got there. Asked to see the bike. Saw the bike. And were a little unimpressed with their operation. Like, "You could still put on the new exhaust." and the response. "New exhaust? Hmmm. I wonder where that is?"

Regardless we are giving them to Friday to put it together, break it in, and map it. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Mike is in first place for the Twins race series and a big fat zero would hurt!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You think that will work?

Seems like lately, more and more, people at work have been asking for something. Then they ask again. And again. And they don't stop asking. Thinking that this is the best way to get what they want. Today, on the verge of physical violence with one, I want to tell them to take their request and shove it up their own anus.

Who ever put the brilliant thought together that this was the "best" way to get stuff accomplished?

Of course. Tasks that get asked for like this only end up on the bottom of my list. So you buggy people. STOP IT - or you'll never get what you want!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Telling people about wanting to get rid of stuff brought up a new organization that I didn't know about (freecycle.org). Super super cool. You join. Post. And then people come and get your shit. Tonight people are coming by to get the dressers and stuff. I'm excited to see how clean stuff is after it is gone. Thanks for the tip Ed.