Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Error Day Again.

Another lovely one. I love the robot!

Project 333 - What Works.

Are you wondering how Project 333 is going as we transition into spring/summer? It is tough with all my summer clothing out and yet it is cold in the mornings. I've figured out something interesting though. My clothing can be categorized into three things; daily work (winter/summer), special meetings, and weekends.

I've broken down my wardrobe so that now I have ~33 items in each of these categories. I'm not including shoes, or jackets, or jewelry. But, I'm focusing on clothing. The first three months of 333 it was harder because my weekend (gardening/dying/working around the house) clothing were included. I felt limited with my work clothing.

One thing I have noticed through out this spring change over is that a) I don't buy new things each season just because they are new b) I end up buying the same looking thing over and over (and have ended up with 5 cotton blue sweaters for summer) c) thinking about what I have and what I need is so much simpler when I have so few items.

Project 333 really is amazing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Kevin Says.

Our lovely snacking Kevin's hit another mile marker this past weekend. On Sunday they each laid one egg (which they are suppose to but it seems like some days they take breaks).

Six eggs in one nest (they hate the other nest) and the girls got a new special treat; GRAPES. I'm sure we spoil our chickens ... but aren't they just so cute?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Time!

I have a post card in my office that says, "My garden kicks ass." I plan to have a kick ass garden again this year. In my standard gardening what I've found is that when all the carrots, lettuce or radishes come in at once I'm overwhelmed with all of them. I end up taking over half of my take into work or giving to neighbors. The problem is that when you grow from seed everything pops up at the same time.

My plan for this year is simple. Only plant what Mike and I need and to do things in rotations. Since spring is here and I bet we wont freeze again I decided to go ahead. My plan works like this. Buy a few plants of the things we eat already started, plant half the seeds for those plants this weekend, plant the other half of the seeds in 2 weeks. 2 weeks after that I will plant more "summer" plants (using the same technique). This means that my garden might look a bit slim, but my goal is to only produce what two people can eat.

Better living through simpler means. More with less!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Spring is here. I've been talking about it - but it is really here. I spent the weekend working in the garden and yard and found myself amazed at how many plants were popping up all over the yard. Here are a couple of images for you. When I think about timing I'm amazed that spring seems to be here so soon and yet surprised at myself for missing the crocus.

How was your weekend? Is spring hitting you in your part of the world??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Box of Dreams.

Reading a book called The Answer is Yes (which isn't about two people getting married, which I thought it might be) they have a journal of dreams. I decided to use this fantastic Korean box for a box of dreams. Each drawer contains a dream. Dreams that are realistic dreams (not being the first person to live on the moon).

What do you do with your dreams?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 333 - Summer Edition.

Spring is here. Not coming, not soon to be seen, but already here in Northern New Mexico. I decided that wearing sweaters and close toed shoes might just be a bit wrong this week, so I did my full clothing swap out. As I did it I purged more winter clothes that I didn't wear and summer clothes that I know I wont wear. I also got rid of a couple of items that are a, "need them once in 5 years". I took 3 large trash bags out of shoes, jackets and clothing to take to the thrift store. I haven't done a full purge or counting up 33 items for spring/summer ... but what I plan to do is see what this transition is like and decide as I go. I'm down to just a few tupperwares of clothing to move around for the seasons and it feels fantastic!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Bread.

I read on another blog about this challah bread recipe and thought it might be really nice to try out this weekend. She even baked the bread with cute little eggs nestled into the bread. We decided to have it for breakfast this morning.


Post baking. The bread came out amazing. Slightly sweet and the eggs were hard boiled. Breakfast of champions!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking of Spring.

Summer sings fruit. Fruit tarts!

Methow likes to show her super model pose.

There is nothing like the change of seasons to put a little boost into my step. I love it when winter moves into spring (except for the New Mexico wind). Most of my bulbs have started to pop up and I'm planning the garden (and thinking about how to keep chickens out of my garden).

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Motorcycle Race Weekend.

This past weekend was the first ASMA motorcycle race weekend. Which means we load the kitties into the RV and we drive to Deming (southern New Mexico).

The cats love to go on RV trips. There is something about me being stuck in a small space with them that just makes them snuggly and funny.

Mike had a good weekend running a quick pace (especially consider we hadn't been at the track since last October) and nearly getting on the podium for a race or two.

Oh ... and I got a lot of knitting done!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Project 333 February Update

We made it through January and then February. You might be wondering, where is she now with project 333. Well, let me give you a little hint.

I've purged 15 sweaters (handmade and store bought).
I've found that only 3 pairs of pants actually fit correctly (out of a stash of over 20).

I've been slowly working through my whole closet and finding that fewer than half actually fit my body or desire for style correctly.

I'm betting by April, when I move onto my summer wardrobe, I wont have to migrate summer and winter clothing any more.

Project 333 is amazing. Less really is more!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring ....

I can tell that spring is in the air. My allergies are kicking (I can't stop sneezing), bulbs are starting to show their heads, the winds are picking up and the cats are spending more and more time in the enclosed porch out back. What I find amazing is that the chickens have become cat tv to them. They sit on the scratching post and just watch them. I hope that we don't have issues with the cats wanting to snack on the chickens this summer.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Hawaii Sea Turtles

Hawaii Sea Turtles a video by RocketGirl* on Flickr.
Here is a video from our trip to Hawaii. This was right out of our hotel room. You have to love the turtles!

Happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Kevins.

The Kevins.
Originally uploaded by RocketGirl*
Here are the Kevins and how they like to be pet. The spring winds have started here and they seem to be dealing with it just fine.