Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project 333 - What Works.

Are you wondering how Project 333 is going as we transition into spring/summer? It is tough with all my summer clothing out and yet it is cold in the mornings. I've figured out something interesting though. My clothing can be categorized into three things; daily work (winter/summer), special meetings, and weekends.

I've broken down my wardrobe so that now I have ~33 items in each of these categories. I'm not including shoes, or jackets, or jewelry. But, I'm focusing on clothing. The first three months of 333 it was harder because my weekend (gardening/dying/working around the house) clothing were included. I felt limited with my work clothing.

One thing I have noticed through out this spring change over is that a) I don't buy new things each season just because they are new b) I end up buying the same looking thing over and over (and have ended up with 5 cotton blue sweaters for summer) c) thinking about what I have and what I need is so much simpler when I have so few items.

Project 333 really is amazing.

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