Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Time!

I have a post card in my office that says, "My garden kicks ass." I plan to have a kick ass garden again this year. In my standard gardening what I've found is that when all the carrots, lettuce or radishes come in at once I'm overwhelmed with all of them. I end up taking over half of my take into work or giving to neighbors. The problem is that when you grow from seed everything pops up at the same time.

My plan for this year is simple. Only plant what Mike and I need and to do things in rotations. Since spring is here and I bet we wont freeze again I decided to go ahead. My plan works like this. Buy a few plants of the things we eat already started, plant half the seeds for those plants this weekend, plant the other half of the seeds in 2 weeks. 2 weeks after that I will plant more "summer" plants (using the same technique). This means that my garden might look a bit slim, but my goal is to only produce what two people can eat.

Better living through simpler means. More with less!!

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Lynne4444 said...

Excellent plan. and look at the Kevins!! 238!!