Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Kevin Says.

Our lovely snacking Kevin's hit another mile marker this past weekend. On Sunday they each laid one egg (which they are suppose to but it seems like some days they take breaks).

Six eggs in one nest (they hate the other nest) and the girls got a new special treat; GRAPES. I'm sure we spoil our chickens ... but aren't they just so cute?


E said...

Super cool! We had 26 chickens when I was growing up. They were extremely tame with us and we would hold them in our arms and literally rock them to sleep!! Freaking awesome. LOL

Me, my little brother, and little sister would have competitions on how many chickens we could rock to sleep and set them down gently into a line before any of them woke up - I forget who won (I'm sure it was different each game haha) but I remember we used to line up about 6 of 7 of them before one of them would wake all the others up. It was great fun if you have chickens that allow you to pick them up and hold them.

Lynne4444 said...

The Kevins are looking quite beautiful. and super cool game that E had with her siblings. I wonder how long it takes to rock a chicken to sleep??