Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Murderous Weekend

I did spend Sunday pulling tomato plants out of my garden. I felt terrible about it - but NO ONE wanted them. I was going to take a photo of them sitting in the composter - all sad and limp - but instead I decided to post photos of my garden and some of my favorite plants.

Question, I love gourds. I think they are magically funky. I buy seeds and they turn out how ever the bugs and wind cross pollinate them. Sometimes in nice forms, other times in the shapes of strange objects that could only be loved by their mother. The question is, I bought seeds from The Gourd Lady, who asked me "Do you ever go out on full moon nights and watch your gourds." Qustion 1, is this a come on line? Question 2, if its not a come one WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? I'd love some clarification. I've thought about going out the past full moon, but was oddly driven from the garden. What happens if they turn into large killer pumpkins or something? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Have you listened to any Miles Davis lately? I'm totally hooked on It Never Entered My Mind.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This past weekend was warm during the day and a bit cooler at night. It actually rained as well. And then last night - it DUMPED. Filled our rain barrel with one rain. It was 50 degrees this morning and 80% humidity (odd for the Southwest), but lovely! I tried to take a photo of my garden this morning - only to find that the camera was out of batteries. Doh!

Now for the strange bit. On Saturday Mike and I were watching Star Wars. Yes, good old fashion Star Wars 4. Or I like to think about it, the first movie! We started talking about our misconceptions as children. Here is my list:

1. The storm-troopers were robots.
2. Princess Leia and Luke will end up together.
3. Chewbacca would be a good snuggler.
4. All the cars in Grease 1 were taken or traded in races, so there were only motorcycles left; which is why in Grease 2 there are only cycles.
5. E.T. was the scariest monster alive. Not the cute cuddly candy eating freak that he turned out to be.

Odd, how age makes us see things in a different light. Leia and Luke - YUCKY.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Steak - Moab - Carpet??

Last night I'm defrosting some steaks for Courtney and Mike. They are pre-sealed in plastic and sitting in the sink under water. The potatoes on the grill are taking forever and I'm in the living room knitting. Mind you, Moab has already eaten the husk from a corn and proceeded to throw it back up on the carpet.

Then, I hear this noise in the kitchen. And I see a flash of dark color near the sink. I think, "Courtney is just getting some ice water or something." But then, I see Courtney walking into the living room from the other direction. I get up, go into the kitchen .... only to find.

Moab on the floor in front of the sink with one of the steaks. They are large steaks mind you (and she is a small cat). She has pulled it out of the water, out of the sink and onto the floor. She is gnawing at the plastic and has managed to get a hole in the side. Blood is leaking out and she is licking it up (while standing over the steak). Bend is standing near her just watching with this look of, "I had nothing to do with this!" on his face.

The carpet has to be cleaned, the steak was saved, and Moab sat at the table all night begging Mike for more.

This morning she barely woke up because of the steak coma she was in. Must be nice to be Queen of the Kitchen Steak.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Biking - Murder

This morning I biked up to work. It was really nice (until the wind picked up). I actually counted, 53 cars passed me, and it took me 52 minutes. Considering there is some thousand feet of elevation difference between my house and where I work, it wasn't too bad. I may end up doing it more often.

People have been asking out our "All Ladies Murder Mystery" . Remember it hasn't been through an editor yet. But thank you to Donna and Sharron (who's chapters these are).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Deming Races

We went down to Deming this past weekend. Mike did incredible. Two first places and 1 second. His best results to date. It was super hot (as in over 100 every day). The dirt devils were impressive. And the cats did great. Bend and Moab were the best for snuggles. But, by the last day Methow was coming into her own.

The bike, still has an oil leek - which is upsetting. But, Mike seems to think he knows how to fix it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I also got a load of knitting done. Thanks be to the motorhome gods for cool air conditioning, cats, Mike and knitting. As always - more photos can be seen at the smugmug site.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hmmm - Should I Become A Robot?

I've had a headache for the past week or so. Hasn't gone away. Medication doesn't help. More coffee, less coffee, more exercise, less exercise ... nothing seems to work.

So, this morning, while out on a run, I think to myself, "Why is my nose running?" And I remember. My allergy medication ran out like 2 weeks ago and I haven't refilled it yet. Thus, I believe that my nose, throat and head are all suffering from allergies.

My question is, why is it that when things happen with your body, it takes SO long to put it together? Sometimes I'll be sleepy, joints ache, hair coming out, gaining weight ... and I'll think, "What in the world is going on? Am I dying?" It takes Mike asking, "Have you had your thyroid medication check recently." for me to put it together.

I'm thinking that in the future we need some sort of digital screen installed in humans to tell us exactly what is going on. It is apparent that breathing, eating, sleeping and defecating are about all I can handle without some sort of note from myself or to myself.

Robot Princess Of The Known Universe. Yes. That has a good ring to it. I'll keep you posted on the mods and XBox hook-up abilities.