Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday - the 5 edition

Carol asked us for this week:  5 best things I did this summer and 5 things I'm looking forward to this fall.

5 best things I did this summer would be:
1. Hooking back up with only friends
2. Camping and fishing with hubby & Z
3. Outdoor yoga
4. Getting back into hiking!
5. Glorious time in our back yard!

5 things I'm looking forward to this fall:
1. Cool weather - hand knits!!
2. Halloween!
3. Warm baked meals
4. Starting up the wood burning stove
5. All the smells and colors of fall!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Colorado Fun

We spent the past week in Colorado.  Ouray -> Salida -> Denver -> Salida

It was incredible.  The leaves are starting to change color.  There was a light dusting of snow all over the mountains.  The best part was seeing old friends.

A raccoon got into our car and tore it apart - but that is what adventures are made of!

A few things that I've noticed on this trip.
1. My kid loves maps
2. We all love rocks
3. Pink eye spreads really easily
4. We need to figure out a way to help a kid who can't write journal
5. The wilderness must be explored!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

I've decided to take back up with Carol's Ten on Tuesday.  Her question for this week is 10 things I did this weekend.

1. I picked fruit from my trees.
2. I made peach, pear, ginger butter.
3. I took my kid to gymnastics.
4. I got over a cold (thank goodness).
5. I had a bbq with great friends.
6. I reorganized my jewelry.
7. I cleaned (who ever gets away with a weekend of not cleaning?)
8. I finished a book (it was so-so).
9. I've been cleaning out closets and thinking about project 333 again.
10. I finished a pair of mittens.

Next time I promise to have a few more photos!