Monday, May 26, 2014

Recipe Review #8

We have tried a handful of new recipes.  These are a few of our new favorites!  I use Pinterest to save links to recipes and then I move them to a new folder once I test them out.  The first is a frozen blueberry scone recipe.  Super simple, not too sweet and delicious! 
Might Not Look Delicious - But IS!

This is a simple sugar cookie where I used a dinosaur to step into them and put sprinkles on them.  Zooey loves them.

These are sweet cinnamon sugar roasted almonds.  More simple than you would think and the perfect afternoon snack.  I made a big batch of just almonds and then took them into work.  The recipe says to mix up the nuts (which you could try) but I like just almonds.


I didn't take a photo of these but we made these stuffed shells Mexican style.  I use faux meat and served it with cabbage and tomatoes on top.  Something we have now made a number of times.  It also freezes and serves up after perfect!

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