Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Bend

Bend has been vomiting for the past week or so. Maybe a bit longer. He ate something funny and we've changed the cats to a hairball dry food. I took him in to the vet yesterday and they said that he was blocked with poo. The poor guy has been vomiting because there is no other way for stuff to come out. He went from 11.5 pounds down to 10.2. And was SUPER dehydrated. They gave him a cat enema and sent him home. He has now been pooing a lot and is really not feeling too good. Avivah was saying that her kitty was happy to have it done. Bend ... is not. He is super sad. He slept wrapped in my arms all night and would wake up crying. I feel so bad for the little guy. I think I'm going to spend the weekend keeping a very close eye on him.


Jennifer (Avivah) said...

Poor little guy.... Maybe Titan didn't mind so much because he was only about two months old at the time. Little ones bounce back quicker, I'm convinced.

Jennifer (Avivah) said...

How's the Bend doing?

onthemove - klh said...

Samantha almost had that done to her...and the vet warned that she might not wake up. It must be more traumatic the older you get in your cathood.