Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Carol's Ten this week is: Ten Ways to be More Organized.

1. Lists. I freaking love lists. There is nothing better than a good list.
2. Keeping my list in an easy to carry around location (like a journal).
3. Keep my inbox small. Read all of my emails as they come in.
4. Keep a short to-do list at work. 3-4 things that I can finish in a day.
5. No more clutter. Keep all of my working space (home and office) clean.
6. Listen. Seems like too often people run off and do the wrong thing instead of just listening to first time around.
7. Be realistic. I have long term goals but from day to day I'm realistic about things.
8. Keep work, home and craft lists separate. I carry around journals but they are all different.
9. Notes. When people ask me for things or tell me things I write them down. I have notes that migrate to the to-do lists.
10. Breathing. A nice deep breath when I'm feeling like there is too much going on always helps.

What are 10 things you do to stay organized?

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onthemove - klh said...

10 things to do to stay organized
1 - put calendar in clear and central place (in our case by the door)
2 - each person has their own mark and color for things they need to be aware of
3 - immediately when e-mail, snail mail, phone calls come in put them on the calendar
4 - say 'no' (we are overscheduled)
5 - make sure that I know the plan for tomorrow before it is today (e.g. have the meals planned -- you can always change them, but if you don't have a plan, eating out is often the result)
6 - exercise. I know it doesn't sound like keeping me organized, but having a linchpin in the schedule prevents the day from escaping from me. Also it says something about my priorities
7 - cut down on physical clutter. This means that there are certain times of the day for putting things away -- which keeps you from forgetting important stuff under the pile of laundry or thank you notes.
8 - lists lists lists (grocery, shopping, curriculum for classes I teach, work related, kid related...)
9 - a week of menus before heading to the grocery
10 - cut down on emotional clutter - a nap or meditation are great when we can snag them.