Saturday, January 08, 2011

Project 333.

Project 333 is teaching me so much about need versus want versus usable items. I cleaned out my coat closet today and found that I had over 10 fuzzy jackets. Sporty fuzzy jackets. I love them, but what the hell am I going to do with 10 of them. Cleaning out what I really need and what I will really wear makes me feel good all over!

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anotherkindofdrew said...

My wife calls these jackets "fleeces" and I refer to them as useless. HAHAHAHA. Seriously though, other than wearing one first thing in the morning on my walk from bed to coffee pot (precisely 4 steps in our tiny bungalow) I have no use for one.

You are so right though. Project 333 makes us all really evaluate what we have and what we need. I own four two button up dress shirts. Two are packed away and two are in the closet. I had those same two in the list for Phase 1. Do you think I have worn one of them yet? NOPE! Not once. For just over 100 days now I have been carrying around two shirts that are about as purposeful to me as a fleece. What the hell, indeed!