Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This weeks Ten on Tuesday is 10 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without.

A question of can I live, as in exist, without it or not. I believe that wasn't really the questions (because if it was it would be air, food, water, warmth ... that sort of crap). I think this is items. Things in your life that make your life what it is. Here is what I think I need.
1. Mike. I do think that living without him would be hard and something I never want to do.
2. A computer. Life in the internet world is just to fun.
3. Yarn. I'm addicted, what can I say.
4. Good pen and paper. I'm an office supply freak.
5. Chap-stick. Not just any chap-stick but Natural Ice (my favorite). I've told Mike that the end of the world would come and I'd be the only one with chap-stick (which would make me the wealthiest person around).
6. Books. After our house fire I bought a Nook because I had no books and just couldn't function correctly. I'm still not sold on e-book reading but at least I know I will never be without.
7. Lotion. I get dry skin in our high desert climate and I would pick my own skin off without it.
8. My pets. There is something about having them in your life that makes everything seem funnier and easier (like last night when Moab crapped on Mike in bed - yep she isn't feeling well again).
9. Family. I know I don't talk to them as much as most people talk to their family - but when I need them they are there.
10. Wood. Wood for the fire place or the gas insert. Forced air in winter time is just not as good as something that radiates heat onto you.

What 10 things can you not live without?

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