Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Carol has another great Ten on Tuesday (sorry it is coming out on Wednesday). 10 Favorite Things to do Outside.

1. Just be outside. I love the smells, sights and sounds.
2. Hike/run. Traveling through the woods is a great way to relax and forget about all the crap that we seem to deal with day in and day out.
3. Eat. Back yard BBQing is one of our favorite things to do. Just good inside and eat outside is lovely too.
4. Garden. Putting seeds in the ground and watching them come to life is amazing. I like knowing where my food comes from.
5. Chicken watching. Might sound odd - but there is nothing more relaxing then watching the flock of Kevin's cruise around the back yard. We could spend hours doing it.
6. Hot tubing. We mostly hot tub in winter. But, sometimes in summer as well. In hot water, watching the stars on a clear cool night - AH ... nothing better!
7. Sparkler Dancing. In summer I like to have a ton of sparklers on hand and I like to dance through the back yard with my sparklers.
8. Biking. Something about the breeze through my hair and the peddles beneath my feet that can make any day better.
9. Spinning. I like to take my little wheel out and get some good spinning in.
10. Chess. Yep. You heard me. We have a board that we keep outside and we like to sit with a cool cocktail, listen to the rustling of the leafs in the aspens and play a good game. I normally beat the crap out of Mike - but it is fun none the less.

What do you love to do outside???


Anonymous said...

(says Karin)

Crunchy Diva said...

wow what a great & interesting list. i love hot tubbing in winter too such a great feeling. what i love to do outside snow shoe, hike, walk, listen to muisc, camp, cook mmm some of the best meals chris & i have made have been outside over a fire, drink wine, lay in the sun, visit with friends ohhh wish summer would hurry up & get here.

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