Monday, May 09, 2011

Craft Fair Weekend.

This past weekend was the Los Alamos craft fair. I have never been do tired. A whole day is just a bit much. The fair was great though. Lots of interest in the reusable bags and bowl covers.


Anonymous said...

heard it went well, congrats!

EsterElla said...

Well, aren't you just adorable!! I think this is the fist "full length" photo I've seen of you. =) Love it.

I can't believe you did an all-day craft fair! Sounds absolutely exhausting. I've been meaning to buy some reusable sammich baggies from ya -- I will definitely do that sometime!

Beverly said...

Looks like a gorgeous display!

Jennifer (Avivah) said...

I always go straight home to a (couple) Bloody Marys. It's the only way to get through those days.