Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Kevins.

The Kevins are out in the coop. Their first night along, meaning without me helping them into bed, one of the smallest Silkies (Baby Kevin) sat at the bottom of the ramp screaming her little head off. I could hear her in the front part of the house. I went outside to help lift her up, when all the other chickens stood at the top of the coop screaming back for her. She figured it out and flew up there. It has been a bit nerve racking leaving them out there - but they seem to be doing okay. On Sunday they had a back yard party where they ran around eating weeds and bugs. Watching them growing up is both fascinating and sad.


Lynne4444 said...

They are looking great!!

Snag Breac said...

Love all the photos of flowers and insects and harvests and dead lego men...and chickens - you reminded me of our ducks - we changed the coop door slightly and they went in okay but couldn't figure out how to get out...dim creatures!