Wednesday, February 13, 2008

House Projects

Last night while sitting in the hot tub Mike and I talked about this up coming summer (yes ... planning for summer already) and what we have to get done. I think we will do a bit of landscaping (or relandscaping stuff we don't like) ... I'm going to order 5 new birch trees. We are going to cover or treat the cement deck out back - and build a slatted roof over it. I think we also need to re-paint the house this summer.

Sounds like a lot ... but hopefully we get started this long weekend (since it is warming up).


alex wetmore said...

We have our house project list too. Somehow it got very long and highly ordered:
* Rebuild deck off of our bedroom (can't start until March, that is when Environmental Home Center gets in the decking we want)
* Paint second floor
* Replace second floor carpets (requires removing everything, including radiators and built in shelving)

Figure out back yard plan.

I like house projects, but looking at a big pile can be daunting.

onthemove - klh said...

We built a pergola (slatted roof free standing thing) last summer. It turned out great.