Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moab Utah - Oh Yes

This past weekend we decided to go camping in Utah. We decided on Moab - we were going to try hiking the back side of a long mountain bike trail that we haven't been to before. Given the temperatures last week, it was probably NOT the best idea to go camping ... but we figured it might warm up a little in Utah.

It was around 0 degrees out our first night - which is why we got a hotel for the second night. The hike we wanted to do, wasn't passable on the icy road. So, we ended up hiking the Moab Rim Trail (which was in the shadows most of the morning and very cold). The trip was lovely fun even with the super cold weather.

The photo are of the snow as we drove through Colorado (after having breakfast with a good friend up in Taos). Mike and I trying to get a fire burning in super cold weather. And the trail that we hiked - steep and covered in snow.

The kicker for the whole weekend is that on Monday (MLK day ... and another day off of work), I got sick. And am still feeling really sick. Head colds are the worst!

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