Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Snow - Storms - & Lay Offs

Yesterday was a snowy day - which was great (photo to be posted later).
The lab shut down at 2PM and sent us home. There was probably a foot of
snow on the drive that needed to be shoveled. This morning it was icy
on most of the side streets (so they told us not to come into work
until 10AM). It is now around 10:30 and the director is speaking ... he
just said that after all the people who took the voluntaryseparation
... THEY WILL NOT BE LAYING ANYONE OFF ... at least right now. Thank
goodness. I'm happy that a RIF wont be hitting friends, family, and the
housing market.


Mouser said...

there wasn't a foot of snow ya dork, White Rock got 4".

Jennifer (Avivah) said...

There was a foot of snow in Los Alamos after the snow plow pushed all the snow under my car....