Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend CRAZE!

As I sit here drinking a warm cup of java ... I look back on the crazy
busy weekend. Cooking club on Saturday night. Prepping for it on Friday
night and Saturday. Then a birthday party for Ellie on Sunday.

The mess before the birthday party was enough to send me over the edge. Moab had an accident (poo)
all over the living room carpet. I had to steam clean the carpets and
clean her (which bathing a cat in a sink is odd with one person). Then
Bend tripped me while I was taking some trash out. He of course
screamed, I fell into the side door - my right shoulder and right side
of my head going through the glass in the door. The glass - not that
up glass - went into sheets and went EVERYWHERE. Part of my shoulder
got cut up and Bend was in hiding for a couple hours after.

I'm happy it is Monday. I'm happy I have yoga tonight. And I'm really happy that it is a short week!

This is a photo from my dad's hunting trip.

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