Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Morning Again

Mike was suppose to call me from China last night - at midnight. I never heard from him ... and when I call his cell ... I hear someone speaking in Chinese. I'm a bit worried that he got there and he wont be able to contact me :(

The ride in this morning was great. It was a bit warmer ... I wore a neck warmer ... and I put some heavy duty cream on my face (it has been getting chapped from the cold air). I was a good temperature the whole way up! I think Krista might bike up with me on Friday. Yippy! Bike buddy.

On another note. Last night I had a large gorgeous fire going and was relaxing in front of it all evening. Bend and Methow were as close to the fire as they can get without burning themselves. But, Moab was no where to be found. I looked for her (half heartily) during the evening. But, before bed I started to get worried. That is when I heard the saddest meow ever. I had locked her in the gear closet after I got out the neck warmer. Poor kitty was in there all night. I felt TERRIBLE! Hopefully she forgives me by the time I get home tonight!

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