Saturday, September 29, 2007


Since the days of Nanos (a director here at the lab) there have been more rumors than employees. Tonight while out to dinner I heard more. I hear them every day. Most days. And with any rumor you know there is a chance this one could be true ... but there is an equal if not greater chance it will not be true at all. But, you keep listening. You keep wondering if this one. This last one you heard is going to be the one. I wish that I could stop listening to them. Stop caring about them. But, they are like a train wreck. I want to hear it so that if/when this one is true - I can think, "Yes. I hear that from Jane Doe 2 weeks ago."

Since these rumors are all about work. Funding. The Lab. That sort of thing ... I don't feel too terrible about listening to them. Normally when they are about people I feel wrong listening or even remotely encouraging that type of behavior.

Rumors from this evening:
1. They will be RIFing people regardelss of budget.
2. DOE/NNSA are talking about shutting down either LLNL or LANL. 10 year, long plan out closure.
3. They will start giving us comp time.

I'm really pulling for #3 to be correct :)

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