Saturday, September 29, 2007


People suck. Not all people - please allow me to clarify - but some people. I'm not sure if I posted about this a while back - but in June of 2006 I was in a tiny car accident with an elderly man from California. The cops came and said it was neither of our faults. That neither of us had the right away and it was just a bumper bump ... this type thing just happens every now and again.

I got a call a month or two ago that the old guy is suing for more money. He doesn't believe that what was given to him was nearly enough. Today I got a certified letter from Farmers telling me that he is suing for over $50,000 ... which is what they will cover. They have recommended that we get a lawyer ... because if he is awarded anything over $50,000 ... they wont pay and we are suppose to. This whole thing pisses me off. What in the hell is wrong with people???

To make myself happy I took one of my small gnomes on a backyard adventure. There is nothing like a traveling gnome to make anyone fell better. At least for a little bit!

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