Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reasoning With The Devil

Last night the question of the "purpose" of a blog came up. Is it to bitch? To journal for the world. I've totally asked this question before. Ranting? Day dreaming? I say all of the above. And whom ever finds the will or time to read it - should enjoy.

What is going on here. In this neck of the woods? Well our budget is crap and last Thursday (for those of you NOT in New Mexico) our director came out and said that they are making plans for a RIF (reduction in force). Up to 2500 people. The idea of getting rid of people or laying off doesn't scare me too much. The idea of what my house will be worth when 2500 are let go does. I'll have a house that isn't worth 1/8th what I paid for it. How long will I be forced to live in this town until I can sell it?

Last night we were looking at jobs elsewhere. It makes me very nervous to take a job somewhere else and have a mortgage here. Although there was a job for someone on oil drilling platoforms. Moving around the world, out on those deep-sea-rigs .... sounds dreamy to me!

Lately there has been a large influx of praying mantises at the house. I've taken a bunch of photos - but have yet to upload them.

Also, I've watched a bit of the food network and want to know ... why is it that the British lady has the most amazing vocabulary out of all the other cooks? I like to just listen to her show for her verbal conquest of the English language. Any ideas on how to buff up ones arsenal?


Mouser said...

Read books that aren't chick lit.

onthemove - klh said...

I think that mouser's first two words are right. Reading books reallyl helps...

Jennifer (Avivah) said...

Learn another language, too. I had to take 12 years of Latin as a kid, and I also took some Greek. It makes it a lot easier to be able to figure out what words mean without having to look them up. Of course, it's not exactly a time saver since you spend the time learning a language. It also makes watching those medical shows like House easier, 'cause you'll be able to figure out all the medical terms, since they are all based on Greek and Latin.

Or you could just sign up for "word of the day" at dictionary.com