Monday, August 20, 2007

Los Alamos Tri

Saturday was the 33rd annual triathlon here in Los Alamos. Erin, Dana, Ellie and I did it. It was quiet an experience. We had not tried doing each of the events one after the other. So, the day of was a bit ... I'd have to say fun. My legs felt like jello and the run was by far the hardest for me.

We did it in ~2 hours. It was something like 50 minutes for the bike (20k), 15 minutes for the swim (400 meters), and 35 minutes for the run (5k). The rest of the time was trying to get clothing on or off or just breathing very heavy. Running in wet clothing is not only uncomfortable ... but unflattering as well(not the picture is AFTER the race ... we totally should have done a pre photo). Next time we are going to need some other clothing.

Thanks for a great time ladies! Shall we do the Vegas 1/2 marathon next?

A few more notes. First a HUGE thanks to Avivah for coming out and supporting us. The Knit and Bitch sign just rocked. And running or biking with people yelling your name ... makes me feel like a super star!

I also read in the paper that for our age groups these were the placements:Dana took 15th, Erin 16th, Me 17th and Ellie 26th. Sucks for Ellie that she was in a different age bracket than us. She would have been like 13th in our age group.

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onthemove - klh said...

I was sorry to have missed an oppotunity to cheer for my favorite Los Alamos friends