Sunday, August 05, 2007

Busy Weekend

This weekend crazy busy. Wednesday I wasn't feeling very well. Thursday I took a sick day to rest up. Of course I had to go to knitting Thursday night (and I was feeling a bit better by then). Friday morning we left to drive to Las Cruces (to spend the night with Mike's family). We left at 5AM to drive out to Tucson to get Mike's cycle (which cost an arm and a leg to fix). We drove back the same day (something like an 8 hour drive). Today was all about getting stuff together and working on the bathroom. We got a load of tiling done and did a bunch of work in the back yard.

Also, saw two good movies; Black Snake Moan & Melinda and Melinda. Both of them were better than I would have ever thought.

The other photo is from the weekend before when Colleen and Dave brought the boys down for a visit. I took them for a speedy ride on the scooter. This is a picture of Ian and me.

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