Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bowling Et. Al.

Here is a summary from Arizona. The golf course at the resort. AMAZING. The large moth I saw on my last day while getting a coffee. The cowboy/western town where they had "real" cowboys and these cut outs ... which I love. Bowling ... where I scored my lifetime high score (94) and Kate and I worked on our model pose. I think she has it down a bit better than I. Of course there is also the greatest Mouser photo of all time!

I'm happy to be home though. Friday at work was a bit crazy. Seems there were lots of questions/problems that needed dealing with. The cats were also SUPER happy to have us home (after knocking everything off the dresser and desk ... breaking a flower pot).

Now the count down to when I get to see Harry Potter in the theater and the final book.

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