Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Spam & Why I Love You!

We all get spam emails.  There is a filter set up to just toss them all into trash.  But, every so often I go through them and read a little.  I laugh.  I laugh a lot.  Have you ever checked out your spam?  Enjoy a few from below but PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS!  I've copied them directly from my spam folder and I'm sure the links are dangerous.


Restore hair in as little as 4 weeks

Russia has begun dumping U.S. dollars

meet you at walmart  

Delete Me
1740 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY 40503



ducatirocketgirl, New Testosterone Booster Hits the Shelves  


Hello Christina,

I saw this info and thought it could help you.

The government is giving away $5,730.00* per year to residents of the United States.

This money can be used for going back to school.

It can be as easy as taking classes online and you could be on your way to getting a degree.

Go here to see if you qualify.




Asian Dating

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Hi Sexi.

Im up for a good time  Russian girls love you.  Just click.



If I were to look at my spam and guess what type of person I was here is what I would guess.  Someone who needs hair, ladies, money, roof repair, an education, drugs to fix my penis and a hook up at walmart.  I think they nailed me.


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