Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 in Review

I know I've been missing in action for a while.  I've put a lot of energy towards a new blog dedicated to yoga (if you like yoga come check it out).

I plan to try and get a bit more blogging done this year.  At least that is one of my resolutions.  Stay with me while I try to get everything together!

Books Read
In The Company of Vampires ****
Torn **
Even Vampires Get The Blues ****
Ready Player One *****
Marked ***
Steamed ***
Night Broken *****
Vampires Most Wanted *****
Spartan Gold ****

In general I read between 15-20 books a year and this year was a lot less.  I'm not sure if it is because of the book choices or some other reason.

Books Listened To
The Second Ship
Playing With Fire
Secrets and Lies
Phantom Shadows
Some Girls Bite
Dance of Death
Night Reigns
Magic Breaks
Cassie Scot
Clean Sweep
Holy Smokes
Light My Fire
The Becoming
First Drop of Crimson
Cast in Shadows
To Kill A Warlock
Love in The Time of Dragons
Beyond The Highland Mist
The Darkest Night
Darkness Dawns

23-24 books on tape is pretty normal for me.  Looks like a regular listening year for me!

Projects Finished
Knit 11831 yards
Spun NOTHING (can you believe it)??
I got a new hand crank knitting machine and made a bunch of socks and scarfs.
Sewed 2 dresses
Started a new needle point (I should get on this)

Happy 2015 everyone and I hope you have had a great year.

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