Monday, October 14, 2013

Recipe Testing

We try a lot of new recipes in our house.  Zooey has gotten into baked goods - so there is always some kind of cookie or pastry around.  Here are he two new recipes from this weekend.

Thai Curry Squash Soup
The Thai Curry Squash Soup is really out of this world.  Creamy, hearty and perfect for a fall evening.  We ate it with bread - but I'm currently making rice to eat with it for lunch.  This is a keeper.  I didn't use just butternut squash (because I used squash from the garden).  So, it was half butternut and half acorn.
Saving the seeds from the squash for next year.

S'more Massive Cookies

These giant cookies looked so promising.  But, the marshmallow spread too much and I think because of high altitude the cookies just spread too much too.  If I make these again I might try and smaller version (since I can't use my cookie jar) and I'll add a bit more flour.

In other news I finally got around to cleaning out the garden and here is the last of what I harvested.  Onions!!!
Can You Name These?

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Trisha said...

Someone gave me a trick for cookies... if they spread out too much or are too thin, cut the butter/margarine/oleo in half. Works like a charm!