Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At Home - A Short History of Private Life

I've been reading At Home by Bill Bryson.  It is really interesting.  He goes through a short history of home life and how modern life has evolved.  Something interesting from yesterday was the list of what people ate in 1851 compared with now.  I didn't note the comparison amounts (although it was a lot lower than what they ate in 1851) but here was the list for that year (so annually):
8 lbs of pears
9 lbs of grapes and other soft fruit
18 lbs of dried fruit
32 lbs of onions
40 lbs of turnips/rutabagas
70 lbs of cabbage
30 lbs of sugar

I've decided that starting April 1 2013 I will keep track of my vegetable and fruit intake.  Sugar as well.  I will see next April what my annual intake is.  Care to join me on this?  Are we better or worse than the 1851 British?

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