Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This weeks Ten on Tuesday from lovely Carol is 10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving.

1. FOOD! I know everyone must say this, but growing up my father's big day to shine in cooking was Thanksgiving. I only hope that I've learned a number of his tricks.
2. The smells. It seems that everything, even starting early smells so incredible. Right now my kitchen smells of sage and by Thursday it will be roasting turkey, pie, potatoes, cinnamon .....
3. Family. Even though this year I will miss my family - I do love a nice loud busy house full of people.
4. The post dinner comma. There isn't any other day during the year where I feel like passing out after eating.
5. Christmas decorating. Yep. Thanksgiving is a doorway to the holidays. As soon as Thanksgiving is over - the decorations go up!
6. Thinking of all the things I'm thankful for. Thanksgiving makes me stop and think. Remember people, places and just what sort of life I'm blessed to have.
7. The cats go crazy on Thanksgiving. Our smallest cat is a turkey freak. I adore watching her freak out and run around the house screaming for turkey.
8. Mike is always home for Thanksgiving. He has never missed one (and with his busy work travel schedule this is saying a lot). I love to spend the day with him.
9. Leftovers. I create all kinds of new and interesting dishes based on all the leftovers. Last years was a bake that had everything from dinner, cheese and green chili.
10. Winter comes. It seems like in New Mexico winter doesn't really show up until Thanksgiving weekend. This weekends lows are suppose to be 7 degrees. Ah ... winter!

What do you love about Thanksgiving?

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Lynne4444 said...

The laughter and teasing that always happens. The food is delish too.