Monday, August 02, 2010

Blog Lovin'

So most of you know I have two blogs. My knitting blog won a "I love this blog" award. This blog - not so much. But, I think it is only fair that I get to give 5 more I love your blog awards!

Feel free to give the blog award to your favorite 5. Post the award on your blog if you like!

1. Rosemary In Time - She is always so busy and keeps posting great photos and summer inspiration!
2. Collecting The Moments - Wow. Talk about an all in one person. Everything you could ever want she gets done in less time than it takes me to tie my shoes.
3. Patches' Rules The Internet - because Patches has a way with words and makes me laugh.
4. Julie-K - She is thrifty, amazing and reuses so much! Inspiring.
5. Lynne Power - She hits things on the head. I read her posts and smile, cringe, know exactly what she is saying. A way with words!

Thanks for blogging everyone. I love the world of blogs and blog-buddies!


Lynne4444 said...

I'd like to thank...
... all those who have supported me through thick and thin. mom & dad for having me.
...those that provide me with writing fodder, which is mostly me. (Wow, can you feel the humility). LOL wait... no don't cut me off... I still have at least 50 more people to thank...

Lynne4444 said...

I'm Baaaack....Ooops, and most of all The Princess for the nomination!!!