Sunday, June 06, 2010

When You Are Melting.

Yesterday was 100 degrees here (which is not normal and is very hot). I went out for a walk (which turned out to be a poor idea because I really started to get way way too hot) and I saw this on the rocks near our rental. Appears as if a snake was a growing and needed to get rid of his skin. Thank goodness he wasn't on the trail when I was there.

Meanwhile we went down to a friends house for a cookout and llama shearing (which didn't happen because it was so hot). On the road there were just peacocks. Loads of them. Males and females just roaming around. They were really pretty - and I had no idea they could fly so high with those large tail feathers!

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Jennifer (Avivah) said...

I couldn't believe how hot it was yesterday! I went for a walk at 7 pm and it was still over 90 degrees out.

Wasn't it snowing like a week ago?