Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year.

You might be wondering what is happening this new year. Well it has already been busy. The RV remodel is moving along (slower than I would probably like) .. but moving along. We are currently painting the inside and waiting for things to dry.

I've just started my fourth week of yoga everyday. Yesterday was a lackluster practice ... but today was forward bends and twists. I'm trying to always stay positive about the practice (even if it isn't the longest or greatest of my life).

In my better-vs-well living I'm progressing in watching what is important. While at the hardware store I really wanted 4 new pots to replant some African violets I have. I picked all 4 up and then thought, "Do I need to re-pot them?" The answer is no. I really just wanted matching pots. This is an interesting experiment ... but I'm not sure how I'll feel after 4 weeks.

All in all ... 2010 has started off really well!

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