Monday, March 17, 2008

Winds & Madness

The spring winds are officially here. I thought it was a bit strange that they had started so early - but I think they are here for sure now. This past weekend was amazing. It was so windy that it looked like a thick fog all over Los Alamos (you could barely see it from White Rock). The trees in the back yard looked like they might fall over at any minute. The poles holding up the weak fence on the back side of the house fell down. And, the wind appears to continue to want to blow the rest of this week. Amazing.

I'm also wondering exactly how long to make the sleeves of this sweater that I'm working on. Right now they are something like 3 inches from my wrist (which makes them sort of 3/4 sleeves). But, a bit shorter might make the sweater look more summer-like. Oh creating your own clothing can be so tough.

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