Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

I didn't post this on Monday. I guess if I'd just hit the "publish" button it would have appeared ... but no.

Can someone please tell me why St. Patrick's Day is so big? Why everyone asks you, "Where is your green?" I can honestly say that I am NOT Irish (if that was your question). I can trace my family back to 1180. NO IRISH. So, on Monday, I wore no green. I didn't have a Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirt on. I didn't do anything. I can say though - that if my life were on the line I could pull some green out of my ass. Notes on green ....
1. My eyes are green.
2. I'm sometimes green with envy.
3. I have a lot of green plants.
4. You will probably find me with a dollar or two on me.
5. I often have green toe nails.
6. I've never had gang green.
7. Yes - yes - it is allergy season.
8. My kitchen is avocado green.
9. My brother has the Boston Celtics leprechaun tattooed to him (please don't ask why).
10. Broccoli is one of my favorite foods.

Does that cover my greeness?

1 comment:

Jennifer (Avivah) said...

I am totally with you - I'm a Polish Jew, why the hell would I want to celebrate a Christian "saint"?

And I just wish that people would stop asking me what I am doing for Easter - can't you see the Jew Bear on top of my computer?