Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Snow

It really feels like the holidays when it snows! I just love it. Yesterday it started up around 2 and didn't really stop. It is still sort of snowing now. And of course the schools are on a delay - but not the lab.

This past weekend a group of us drove up to Denver for a baby shower. It was great fun to hang in the car and to see Karen (and her lump). The drive home was through crappy weather. But, what do you expect while driving up to Colorado.

Sunday I finally got holiday cards done, presents wrapped, and packages put together for shipping. I always worry that during the holidays packages wont get there on time if you wait too long!

I'll post photos of the snow. I'm hoping that it keeps coming down so I can go home and snowshoe! Now where did I put those snowshoes??????

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