Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Miles & Miles

I've been running every day during the week and taking one day off (this past week it was Saturday). So - on Sunday I did 7.5 miles of trails (PAINFUL!). And then did 3.5 before yoga on Monday. Tuesday was another 3.5 during the day and 3 at night for the Pace Race ... how I hope to my large smurf guardian that the people from the newspaper taking photos did NOT get my photo in there. I was going to run today ... but just couldn't do it. Legs of jelly. So ... I'm taking today off. I'll run the rest of the week - and this weekend I'll probably do 8 to 9 miles ... most likely straight up the ski hill.

I think about miles. I dream about miles. I think ... this 1/2 marathon wont be as bad as I previously thought!

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