Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Download Generation

I noticed the other day that I believe I have musical ADD. Being part of the download generation - or would that be the current generation I find myself less of a musical connoisseur than I used to be. Case in point. It used to be that you would hear a good song. It would stick in your head until you couldn't stand it. You would buy the album. Listen to it once, focusing on the song you loved. And then listen to it over and over. With each listen you would find something else you liked. A new song a new riff. And then you would spend time reading the lyrics, reading about the artist, learning about the person that made this wonderful music for you. I still have vinyl albums because of this. They open wide. I can see all the art work.

Now-a-days though ... I hear a song I like. I download it. I may listen to the other songs by that artist that were high downloads, I might even listen to a couple not recommended. But, I hardly ever buy a full album. I can now hear a song and know I own it, know I love it, know that I've downloaded it - but I couldn't tell you who sang it or wrote it.

I feel like part of my musical heart and soul has been lost with this new mp3 download era.

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