Thursday, February 15, 2007

Groving In The Snow

Yep. Yet another snow storm. Right now we are on a delay from work and I'm making a big bowl of Irish oatmeal. It takes ~35-40 minutes to cook ... which means I only get it on weekends ... or snow delays.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Like a bit of a cold. I'm still not 100% ... but I do think that sleeping most of Monday has helped me out a lot.

I have officially finished 3 patterns for the Nuclear Knits site. Becca is reviewing them right now. Checking out the patterns and math. I can't wait to get the site up. I have designs that should get started soon. I'm sort of happy to be back to knitting other people's patterns for a while. Designing requires a lot of mental power ... not to mention the will power to finish something even if you aren't sure it will work out (which of course makes me think that maybe it is a waste of time).

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