Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh Baby - Let It Snow

For those of you who do not live in New Mexico, you probably don't realize that the past couple of days have been filled with snow. Waking up in the morning to feet of snow. Mike would go out, clear a path, and a couple of hours later he would have to do it again. We've been out snow shoeing twice and have found the super deep powder to be a holiday treat.

On another front, we have spent a lot of the break redoing our master bathroom. Here is a before photo. After will come later this week. We have gutted it, down to the cement floor and just a hole in the ground from the toilet. We still need to take the tub out and have the plumber come back to fix the toilet hole. We found out this past week that the brilliant 1975 builders wanted the back of the toilet to be flush with the wall, so the just sort of moved the mounting points and had half the hole covered up. Basically there was only 1/2 a hole that could be used. This is what the plumber now has to come fix. I guess they are going to cashmere the whole and redo all the plumbing. Holiday gift to Mike and I, a large plumbing bill.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dreaming of White

They were saying we were going to get 2 feet of snow. Of course as time went on the numbers changed a bit. And now, we have a delay to go into work (until 10am) and it is because of this paltry amount of snow. The last snow fall there was twice this - and no delay. I wonder what the lab is thinking?

Of course I am happy to have the time off - I just don't get our employer sometimes.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

House On Fire

I got a call this morning from my brother. My Uncle Biggy's house burned down. This house was the house that my grandparents had lived in. Where my father and his brothers were born. And above and beyond all of that it was my uncles home.

I guess he kept the ashes from his wood burning stove - near the stove in the basement (where he also had his gun room). I guess there was something hot in the ash - it caught the gun room on fire and then the large stack of wood.

He never married or had any kids, so my cousins, who live near him, are helping out. I've tried to call him - but of course his phone doesn't work. I feel so sorry for my uncle. He had no insurance - never thought he needed it - and he had spent is whole life in the house. Now I'm just trying to figure out if there is anything I can do to help.

The article from the Kalispell News Paper:
Man, dog escape fire that guts home

The Daily Inter Lake

A wood stove started a fire Tuesday evening in the basement of a home in the 100 block of South Meridian Road, extensively damaging the house.

No one was seriously hurt; the owner and his dog escaped the fire and went to a neighbor’s house.

The Kalispell, West Valley, Smith Valley, and South Kalispell fire departments, and Marion Ambulance responded.

Firefighters were challenged by heavy smoke and heat, along with explosions from ammunition inside the house. For 20 minutes, firefighters tried to suppress the fire, according to F. Ray Ruffato of the Kalispell Fire Department.

The fire spread to the first floor of the home, and firefighters were called out of the building for their safety.

The older two-story home sustained at least $80,000 and is not inhabitable, Ruffato said. Fire damage extended from the basement through the roof. The home and its contents reportedly are uninsured.

Ruffato said 18 firefighters from the Kalispell department were on the scene and about 20 from the neighboring departments.

A firefighter from the West Valley department hurt his wrist in a fall. Marion Ambulance took him to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Further investigation into the cause of the fire is uncertain, because officials are worried that the basement of the house may be unsafe to explore, Ruffato said.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Friday - Great Party

I spent most of Friday baking shortbread for a cocktail/cookie exchange party. I could not believe a) how long 5 dozen cookies takes to bake and b) how long 5 dozen cookies take to prep and bake. I can post the recipe for the wonderful almond shortbread for anyone that is interested.

Photo of dance party/cocktail party

Is that Prada that you are wearing Becca? And Mouser ... I know you are so sorry you spent the time hanging out in Minesh's garage. I know you are!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bro In English Please

As I was walking back from the gym today I heard the worst conversation I have had the pleasure to eaves drop on. Let me walk you through it. Three men. Guy 1, guy 2 and guy 3.
Guy 1 "Bro, sorry to hear about your father."
Guy 2 "Bro, oh Bro. Thanks Bro."
Guy 3 "Bro, I'm so sorry. When did your father die Bro?"
Guy 2 "Bro, I can't talk about my father. Bro, bro, bro. Bro. Let's talk tomorrow"
[please note that Bro is actually pronouced like bra]

All of this in the few minutes I walked past. What is happening to the English language? I think I may like to start my own trend and use sis, or mama, or hella' fine b*tch. If men can use bro - why can't I use some female version?