Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Friday - Great Party

I spent most of Friday baking shortbread for a cocktail/cookie exchange party. I could not believe a) how long 5 dozen cookies takes to bake and b) how long 5 dozen cookies take to prep and bake. I can post the recipe for the wonderful almond shortbread for anyone that is interested.

Photo of dance party/cocktail party

Is that Prada that you are wearing Becca? And Mouser ... I know you are so sorry you spent the time hanging out in Minesh's garage. I know you are!

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Mouser said...

Let's see... I got to eat cookies from the party anyway, didn't have to dance, or see you guys dance. Instead, I got to work with power tools and solve challenging woodworking problems. I see my choice to stay at Minesh's place as a total win for myself.

Minesh and I both agreed that the premise of the party sounded about as unappealing as possible. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.