Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh Baby - Let It Snow

For those of you who do not live in New Mexico, you probably don't realize that the past couple of days have been filled with snow. Waking up in the morning to feet of snow. Mike would go out, clear a path, and a couple of hours later he would have to do it again. We've been out snow shoeing twice and have found the super deep powder to be a holiday treat.

On another front, we have spent a lot of the break redoing our master bathroom. Here is a before photo. After will come later this week. We have gutted it, down to the cement floor and just a hole in the ground from the toilet. We still need to take the tub out and have the plumber come back to fix the toilet hole. We found out this past week that the brilliant 1975 builders wanted the back of the toilet to be flush with the wall, so the just sort of moved the mounting points and had half the hole covered up. Basically there was only 1/2 a hole that could be used. This is what the plumber now has to come fix. I guess they are going to cashmere the whole and redo all the plumbing. Holiday gift to Mike and I, a large plumbing bill.

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