Monday, April 08, 2013

H is for Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

I first encountered the Heisenberg uncertainty principle when I was in high school physics.  I found the concept of something changing form based on if I was looking at it or not very interesting.   There are a number of experiments that can be done to test this theory and most of them left me scratching my head.  Wondering how do I apply this in the real world.  Of course there are a handful of questions that can be used in quantum mechanics.  But, in the real world - the world that you know I spend our time  .... what does this mean for us?

We cause things in this world to change just by looking at them, tracking them, thinking about them.  Keep this in mind the next time you watch the kettle (waiting for the hot water to boil).

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Anonymous said...

Do you think that you've collapsed any budding earth-like civilizations in distant galaxies by gazing at the stars too much?