Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend ... OH MY!

Well this past weekend went by too too fast.  It was only a two day weekend (I get every other Friday off, so some weekends are 3 days).  And let me go through the list of craziness in a list of 10!
1. Mike got Zooey use to falling asleep against him (BAD BAD BAD).
2. Drove Mike to ABQ and then back through a blizard.
3. Zooey had her first non-family non-daycare sitter (she did okay).
4. I took photos of a girlfriend knitting in a photo shoot to end all photo shoots (because we all froze our butts off).
5. Mike is gone until we leave for Hawaii
6. Zooey is coming down with a cold (at least her nose is running like crazy)
7. The dishwasher broke
8. I've gotten very little crafting done this weekend
9. I cleaned out my cookbooks (how did I end up with 5 cocktail books?)
10. Zooey woke up every hour last night because she couldn't breath - I'm freaking tired!

Happy Valentines Week!

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