Monday, August 27, 2012

Roses for Breadcrumbs.

While in Albuquerque this weekend I saw something sad. In the middle of the road there was a crushed rose. It made me wonder, "where did the rose come from?". "why did someone toss it?". "was there a fight?". "why is there only one rose?"

In my mind this is how it played out. John, the late night taxi driver, bought a dozen roses for his girlfriend. On Sunday morning after his shift he planned to give them to her. But then the fare of a lifetime got in. Bubba asked John to drive him to Los Angeles. This wouldn't normally be a big deal except they were in down town Manhattan!

As they crossed the country John felt a little piece of his love slip away. Those pieces were left on the side of the road. Roses for breadcrumbs!

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Ariel said...

Very sad.