Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Where I Spent The Weekend

Well on Thursday, at our bi-weekly doctors appointment, they freaked out and wanted to helicopter me and the baby to Albuquerque. They said that she was small and not growing. Because of a winter storm we got to drive down instead of going separate.

The first night was scary and terrible. The next morning they did millions of tests. They spent hours measuring every little thing about her. The doctors were really confused because she looks fine.

Los Alamos hospital said she was under the 3% for weight and that blood flow was diminishing. Abq found she is closer to the 30% in weight and getting more than enough blood.

They kept us for 5 days and measured her every day. We had doctors and techs and more doctors look at her. After all of that they send us both hone with a clean bill of health and the comment that since we are both healthy bed rest is not needed either.

They want me to slowly integrate back into going to work and regular life - but they see no reason not to.

What a weekend!

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Ariel said...

Wow, what an adventure. She'll just be petite. This is good news!!

But but but, what about all you crafting time?